Monday, January 5, 2009

Critter Craze

Okay, I think I've FINALLY gotten this out of my system - at least for a little while. I'm in LOVE with these little animals and have had so many good excuses to make them in recent months.

My friend had a baby...oh, lets just say a few months back. She pointed me in the direction of some bright, bold, colors she liked, so I made this afghan for her new little addition. This is actually the first little critter I made (well, okay, second, the first one somehow didn't turn out as "nice" and has since been beaten to death by my 18 month old).

I also finished her curtains! Yippee! It's been way too long! Hopefully she'll send pics for me to post soon!

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Daniel Tague, Ph.D., MT-BC said...

and again, YOU ARE SO DANG CREATIVE!!!! Look at that adorable bear and that GORGEOUS afghan!! Your friend's little addition is the luckiest kid in the world!!!!!! and those curtains are WONDERFUL!!!! (Pictures coming directly by email...) :-)