Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flax Seed Relaxation

Most of you probably own or have been the recipient of a rice bag. Same idea, but think of flax seed as the LUXURY version. The flax seed has a higher moisture content so it holds the heat (or cold) longer. It has a nice, but soft aroma. It molds like sand, and feels heavier than rice (or corn...*gag*). It can be found in the bulk food section of most health food stores (Whole Foods, Central Market, Good Earth, etc.)

Since I've burned through...yes burned*...two bags this year, I needed to make me another. Luckily I made these as a Christmas giveaway last year and had all the "fixins" available at my fingertips. (Lets be honest, if I didn't have this available, I probably would have stuffed an old (but clean) sock that lost it's mate, tied off the end with a knot and called it good!)

*Lessons learned the hard way - because of it's high moisture/oil content, flax seed burns easily, so heat it up in 2 minute increments reshaping before starting again.

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