Saturday, January 17, 2009

Look, I'm Recycling!

I purchased this shirt for the toddler on a GREAT SALE! When I tried it on him, I realized why I was able to get it for such a great price. The cuffs on the sleve were large enough to fit a MAN'S wrist. It looked really odd on a munchkin. So...I did what every normal mom does...I cut them out!

Now, occasionally for entertainment, or to keep the toddler happy on long car rides, we pull his socks off and use them as puppets. What do you know? The cut out sleeves looked just like puppets. What a great idea...I owe the toddler for this one.

Some red felt, googly eyes, yarn, a bow, and a cowboy hat later - here's what we got....

They need names - any suggestions?


Missy said...

Oh! Oh! Myrtle and Cletus! Yes?

Daniel Tague, Ph.D., MT-BC said...

Oh my gosh, Charmain, you are SO creative! Daniel's name suggestion: Lucy and Ricky... He said, & I totally concur, you MUST sell some of these!!!!

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