Sunday, February 1, 2009

They're Here!

Our handmade items from the Craft Swap showed up on our doorstep this weekend. My new friend, and now my "old fashioned" email "pen pal" at My Creativity Journal made these. I borrowed the pictures from her site.

The Rocket

The toddler and his friend, who's a little older (and talking) loved the rocket. The friend, being older and wiser, knew that to fly a rocket you must say "1,2,3, liftoff!" The toddler, who only speaks about 3 decipherable English words, would mimic his friend by jabbering then yelling "TREE!"(for the number "3" of course.)

The Coloring Book Bag

The little book bag is great. Each crayon has its own little pocket, sized just right so they come out easily, but don't fall out when the bag is inverted by a 19 month old.

Thanks D. at My Creativity Journal. The bag and the rocket are ADORABLE!

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