Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pashmina Confessions

Before leaving for Israel a few weeks ago, my mother-in-law asked me if there was anything I'd like her to pick up. Of course, a Pashmina Scarf! So, you can imagine my excitement when I opened the package and saw this beautiful woven scarf:

And just as excited when I saw this:

But wait...there's another tag. To the right, attached to the side...

Right there, in the ONLY English on the entire tag...65% Cotton, 35% Polyester!

I didn't know Pashmina was really just a Cotton/Poly blend! :)

I discovered this while on the phone thanking my mother-in-law for the beautiful gift. She and I both had a good laugh and she admitted that she had bartered for it in a market.

Mystery Solved!

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