Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh, Baby - They're Finished....

And they turned out adorable (at least I think so)! Remember these from a few months ago? Well, After a creative slump, I finally figured out how I wanted to finish these burp cloths. They turned out almost too pretty for a baby to barf on!
The graphic quilting fabric is so soft and the cloth diaper is nice and heavy duty with a folded center, so it will be super absorbent.

I'm a little partial to Brown and Blue - big surprise - the brown fabric with the little white dots turned out so much cuter than I imagined. I still have the Black and White fabric left to make another. I'll post pics of that also if I can find the motivation to fight with the Toddler over the sewing machine (he thinks it belongs to him...come to think of it, he thinks my crochet hooks belong to him, my scissors, my paint brushes, you name it...he claims it!)

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