Monday, June 29, 2009

The "Scrap-ghan"

One more down and at least one more to go....

So, I've had miles and miles of this Chunky, Ivory Yarn. I love the stuff, but, I'm ready to see it used up, out of my yarn box, and in a good home.

My Grandma Jennie (pictured to the right) used to make afghans out of her leftover or scrap yarn. I'm guessing the one she made for me as a little girl is made from scraps since no two rows are the same color. (I'd post pics of it, but like all my college books, my barbies, a few antiques, and some other random "stuff"- it's stored in a shed at my parents 1500 miles away.) None of her yarn or fabric ever went to waste.

In that spirit, since this is made from "scraps" - I think I'm going to call these afghans "Scrap-ghans" - good name, eh? I think so :)

I love the lacy pattern. It's so simple and so feminine. This one is off to Texas to join the others. Hopefully the little girl who gets this one will love it!

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