Thursday, July 9, 2009

I "Heart" 4-H

When I was a kid my BFF's mom started a 4-H group. Lucky me! I LOVED 4-H. Well, this month I got the chance to help out the next generation of 4-Hr's.

R made a skirt. She picked out the pattern, fabric, and notions all by herself (with a little help from her mom, I'm sure). Since she had just been introduced to a sewing machine, I did a lot of "sideways" sewing helping her stitch this skirt. The little skirt she's holding we made for her bear. Too cute.

S made a purse out of an old pair of jeans. What a cute idea! She cut off the legs, stitched the openings shut, cut straps and attached them, then bedazzled it!

These projects gave me a whole new appreciation for my 4-H leader. She sparked a love of sewing, crafting, and baking and made me feel like I could make anything. Thanks Mrs. Budge!

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