Saturday, July 17, 2010

110 in the Shade

I've been working on a few hat patterns this week (yes, I realize it's JULY, and it's been a balmy 110 degrees here in my desert neighborhood). This Brown Beanie was quick and easy thanks to some fun, chunky yarn. Too bad this color has been discontinued! At least I was able to get two beanies out of one skein of yarn.

I think the flower turned out especially cute.


Jenny said...

Charmain...those are darling!!! I wish I had a little girl.

Pemberley Court said...

You know I LOVE how that hat turned out! You are so darn talented!!!! Maybe one day I'll get the hang of the yarn stuff!

Charmain said...

Thanks Ladies!

Jenny - we may just have to come up with something for the boys!