Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Version 2.0

Well, my new baby girl is over three months old now, so she isn't so new anymore (although she still has that new baby smell!)

Even though we've moved to a little apartment in Los Angeles County in a state we affectionately refer to as "Can't-afford-ya" - it doesn't mean that this new-ish bundle of joy doesn't deserve her own space.

The Toddler (her brother) - who just turned 3 (so, I guess he's no longer a Toddler) has a wall full of Iron letters that spell out his name. Since the two of them have to share a room (I know, what a drag for The Baby Girl to share with her Brother) I figured they each needed their own "space."

On my weekly grocery outing to Wally World - I have a love/hate relationship with them, damn their low prices and convenient one stop shopping - I found these little black frames for $1.00 each. Perfect! I perused the fonts in word until I found one I liked, printed out the letters in my sweet baby's name, attached some ribbon and hung them from a curtain rod I had lying around.

Here's how it turned out...

I think the overall look is cute. It has a "Mobile" feel to it. I'm not crazy about the thin pink ribbon - I may have to get my hands on more of the wide stuff and swap it out.

That Tutu looks a little lonely hanging there all by itself. I think these little shoes:

That (until last week) fit these little toes:

might be hanging across that bar before long.


Kim at Kims Kandy Kreations said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that name sign.

Wish I still had a little one who would appreciate it. Tori's way past that and I don't think the boys would "get" it. Great job!!

Pemberley Court said...

Add the shoes!! They are too sweet to pack away. Love those toesies too!

Charmain said...

Thanks Ladies! Now to finish the rest of their room...