Saturday, August 14, 2010


No, not the crop-circle-making kind of UFOs (although, I do think it's curious that fewer and fewer UFOs have been "sighted" since every phone these days is equipped with a camera).

I'm talking about Un-Finished Objects.

I have lots of UFOs sitting in my stash...too many, to be exact.

Like this little Tooth Fairy Pillow. Yep, all that's left is a little one inch section to stitch up. I guess it's a good thing The Toddler (who's now 3 - I guess that makes him too old to be a Toddler? A Preschooler, maybe?) is too little to be losing his teeth. Looks like I may have a couple of years before I need to finish this one....

Of course, there's always Ribbon Wands. I love these fun little things, but they are rather time consuming. However, as of this posting, all three are painted - now for the finish, hardware, and ribbon.

Let's not forget about the many, many crochet projects I've got lying around. This was supposed to be a scarflette of some kind, but there isn't enough yarn in this little ball to make an anklet, let alone a scarflette. So It will have to become something else.

Any suggestions? It's a very soft wool and there isn't much of it.

I guess I need to be a little less schizophrenic about my projects and start taking the time to finish what I start.