Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Saw a Halloween Tree...

"I saw a Halloween Tree
And someone was looking at me
Black Cats and Bats and Witches too,
With Ghosts and Goblins all say BOO-OO

We've been singing this song to The Munchkin (my 3-year-old) for about two months now. So, when I told him we were making a Halloween Tree, he couldn't (and hasn't) stop talking about it!
He was even kind of helpful in his own little pre-schooler way.

We set off on a hunt for the perfect dead branch then spray painted it black, and let it dry overnight.

We made fun little bat ornaments from knotted ribbon inspired by these featured at Pebbles in My Pocket - she's having a 31 Days to Halloween Countdown.

The day we put the Halloween Tree together, The Munchkin got a package from his Grammy. In it were these little felt Witch Hat Pins. Perfect! They just needed a little bow to add some flair. (Dang Blogger for rotating the pic and not allowing me to rotate it back...)

We stuffed the "Tree Trunk" into a foam base and filled the pot with beans - they expired about 2 years ago and have been taking up space in my cupboard waiting to be used for this project, I guess!

This Caterpillar was supposed to be a joint effort, but once the Little Guy discovered we were using googly eyes, well - in his words "I'n too busy, Momma!" However, he was quite bossy when it came to the positioning of its "ears" (antenna). I found this at The Crafty Crow.

Our Halloween Tree...

This two-dimensional picture doesn't do it justice.

We like it, and The Munchkin - he can't stop talking about it.


Dan Smith said...

My mother sang me this song while I was growing up. Now I'm teaching it to my nieces. Do you happen to have any links to sheet music, musical recording or anything regarding this song? I'm having a hard time finding anything online.

Thanks much in advance for anything you can give me... -Dan

Charmain said...

Dan - I believe my Mother-in-law has the sheet music for this song. If you'd like, I'll see if she'll scan it so I can forward it to you.

Email me, Charmain, at agirlandherneedle(at)gmail(dot)com

House of Hamblin said...

If you end up getting a hold of that sheet music for The Halloween Tree, I would love a copy. I love your halloween tree you made! I want to do that next year with my grandkids. You're very talented! Thank you!

courtney said...

I just googled this song and your blog popped up!!! Haha! If you still have the (digital) sheet music I'd love a copy too :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! I've been googling and can't find it anywhere! I only know the first verse ... second verse starts "it was such a funny surprise... I couldn't believe my eyes..." Such a great memory! Would love to have the sheet music if you have it. Very cute needling too!