Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monster Bean Bags - Tutorial

For my dear, sweet, sister A. Have fun making these little monsters with your little munchkins!
What you'll need:
  1. 5-7 Felt Squares - Any Color (1 black & 1 white for eyes)
  2. Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
  3. Cheap Bag of Beans
  4. Zipper Sandwich Baggies
  5. Scraps of Yarn (not pictured)

Getting Started: Cutting
Body: For each Monster fold one felt square in half. Cut about 3 inches off the edge. You will be left with a 6 inch square (folded).

Eyes: For each Monster cut two large white rounds, two medium colored rounds, and two small black rounds.

Mouth: Use your imagination! For each Monster cut black backing in a strip or round, lips in a slightly smaller strip or round, and jagged teeth.

Spots: Here is where a 3-Year-Old comes in handy. Have your Munchkin(s) practice their scissor skills. They are great at cutting odd shaped spots - and teeth!

At this point - layer Eyes, Mouth and Teeth to get an idea of how your Monster will look!

Assembly: Gluing

Beans/Body: Scoop about 2/3 cup of dry beans into a zipper sandwich bag. Press out extra air and fold over excess plastic. Unfold square. Place beans in center. About one inch from edge place a line of hot glue. Fold and press two halves together.

Mouth: Take the mouth pieces you layered earlier and glue them to the body starting with the bottom (black) piece. Glue teeth in place last.

Eyes: Take the eye pieces you layered earlier and glue them to the body starting with the bottom (white) piece. Glue pupil in place last.

Spots: Take the spots you had your little Munchkin cut out. Glue them randomly to the body - both front and back.

Finish: Edging/Fringe and Horns
Fringe Edge: Cut strips about 1/2 inch deep (to glue line). Fringe strips can be exact width, or varying widths.

Horns: Fold fringe in corners, tie scrap yarn leaving an end long enough to tie a knot. Wrap yarn several times. Tie off and trim edges (see pic below).

***For a variation on the fringe/horns - cut along fold of the body, glue all four sides, cut fringe on all four sides, and wrap horns in each corner. (See red Monster Bag for reference).

Pull off all excess hot glue strings and you're DONE!

Enjoy your new Monster Bean Bags!

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Pemberley Court said...

These are just frightfully cute!