Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Monster Bash

I've been super busy the past couple of weeks.

Today just happened to be a free day - nothing pressing.

I didn't have anything I HAD to do or anywhere I HAD to be. Just me, and my little people. So, when The Baby went down for her morning nap, I pulled out a stack of felt squares from my stash and The 3-Year-Old and I made

All you need is a Paper Towel Tube cut in two, Colorful Felt Squares, a Small Baggie of Rice or Beans (to keep it from toppling over), Hot Glue, and your Imagination!

They're cute coming AND going...

The Munchkin did most of the cutting. Actually, I think he perfected his scissor skills today. He pulverized two sheets of felt. At least we got, spots, teeth (most of them), and part of the eyes from the scraps he left.

He dressed himself today. His shirt is on inside out and backwards. Since he put the sweater over it I didn't bother making him turn it around - not to mention that I got to have a little chuckle to myself every time I looked at him and saw "5t" peaking out through the collar of his sweater.

When we finished the Monsters, he asked if he could watch a "show" with "the guys."

His show choice - Frosty the Snowman. Perfect for two Halloween Monsters, don't you think?

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