Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Dreams

This week I've had some fun with this:

Dipping these:

And making a mess drizzling what was left over onto these:

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The "deconstructed" White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies are a fun change (I'm blaming Bravo for all the "deconstructing" on Top Chef).

Instead of mixing the nuts and chips into the cookie before baking. Dip the cookies after they've cooled in the White Chocolate and sprinkle with chopped Macadamia Nuts.

This cookie is like a little piece of heaven!

Find the basic cookie recipe here.

The Oreo Truffles were just as fun to make. There are a number of recipes out there (search or

This recipe is SUPER EASY - I pulverized (literally) one bag of Oreo Cookies and mixed in 8 oz. of cream cheese. Formed 1 inch balls. Froze the balls on wax paper for about 45 minutes, then dipped them in melted semi-sweet chocolate and drizzled with my leftover white chocolate. Pop them back in the freezer for 30 min or until the chocolate is stiff enough to transfer to a mini baking cup.

Dipping tip: Place ball on a fork then spoon melted chocolate over the top of your truffle. Shake the fork until excess chocolate has dripped off. Use a clean spoon to help slide it off of fork onto wax paper.

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