Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Pattern

I think I've finally moved past my weave pattern obsession. I found a darling pattern book while browsing at Barnes and Noble a few months back. I liked it enough I was willing to pay the cover price.
However, you can find it on for much cheaper.

I love all the patterns in this book. The only problem - they're written in English. The original English.

English patterns are different from American patterns. Not by much, but we have different names for the same stitches, so you really have to pay attention to your pattern so as not to do a treble when you actually need a double, or a single when you want a double (or is it the other way around - see, I already have the conversion mixed up in my head).

Needless to say, there is a darling little dress pattern in this book (I wish I had a picture) that I'm modifying slightly which makes it even more confusing.

The dress is coming along and when its finished I'll have my cherubic faced 9-month-old model it for some pictures.

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