Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Easter Round-Up

Together with a few friends we had a fun, little, Easter Party for our Little Munchkins. Our party goers were all under 4-years-0ld.

This made the Egg Hunt so much more fun. Even with all the eggs hidden in plain sight, we still had to point little ones towards the bright colored, treat-filled, plastic eggs.

Because we made a Halloween Tree in October, and we had a Christmas Tree in December, my Munchkin now thinks we need a tree for every holiday.

A dead branch, some spray paint, and a few egg ornaments later, we had us an Easter Tree.

Little fingers decorated plastic eggs with Easter stickers (thank you Target $1 Spot), and no messy dye to clean up.

A friend came up with a fun cupcake decorating activity for the kids. Perfect for their short attention spans.

Who doesn't love to dip marshmallow's in sprinkles?

He decorated this one himself. Poor bunny, I'm afraid it might be blind in one eye.

Last, I made up some little treat buckets (thank you again Target $1 Spot) filled with treats, stickers, a ribbon wand, and some fun little finger puppets I put together last night.

I decided not to fight blogger for flipping my pics. So, just turn your head a bit - you'll get the idea. :)

Happy Easter!

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