Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mummy Votives

is upon us and The Munchkin and I needed an easy project that he could do with minimal, intervention.

My friend Aimee over at Aimee's Laboratory made these darling Mummy Candle Holders. They turned out to be the perfect project for a little guy!

Mummy Votive Holders:

This project was lots of fun and minimal investment. Everything we used, we already had on hand.

I cut the gauze roll in half, lengthwise, to give us double the length. Then, because I have a slight obsession with setting things on fire, I singed the edges.

Apparently The Munchkin, also has a thing for fire...let's just say, a torch to gauze doesn't disappoint, so be sure to have some water close by.

The only "Booglie" Eyes I had on hand were these from my up-cycled puppet project. They have a post on the back. I wouldn't recommend using them for this kind of project.

The Little Guy helped me wrap, tape and glue the eyes and gauze to my vases. He was so excited about the finished product! (They look a little angry if you ask me.)

All finished! This was a fun and easy project, and when Halloween ends, I can unwrap the gauze and use my vases for the next holiday!

Thanks for the fun craft idea, Aimee!

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