Monday, December 12, 2011

Pinecone Garland

I've always liked the warm, homey look of pinecones. Lucky for me we've got a TON of pinecones in our neighborhood.

My little munchkins seek out pinecones like they're on a treasure hunt. It's pretty cute to see a 20-month-old, pinecone in-hand, yelling "A CONE, A CONE!"

I've been saving the nicest shaped cones to make a garland for the front of my patio.

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Some eyelet screws and jute twine and I had a nice {and heavy} garland.

It looks a little bare up against that ugly cinder-block patio wall. I think for Christmas, I'll dress it up a bit with some greenery and berries. Assuming I can find some freedom during daylight hours to do that!

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