Friday, February 3, 2012

Moda YoYo's

I've been working on a number things in preparation for opening my etsy shop again. The New Guy is nearly 3-months-old, and I think I've started to get a grip on life. The kids and I have slipped into a nice rhythm. Which, (I hope) leaves pockets in my schedule open enough to keep up with orders.

Only one problem. These....

I discovered a Moda Charm Pack in my stash as I was doing a little rummaging for something else.

This "Nature's Chorus" Charm Pack has been sitting on the shelf for nearly a year. Until 3 days ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it.

It's said "necessity is the mother of invention." I disagree. I think "distraction is the mother of invention." Because that's exactly what this little pack has done. It's distracted me from finishing up other things on my "to do" list.

As for these YoYo's, I've made quite a growing stack of these tiny little things.

What will become of these, you ask? I've got a few ideas. Hopefully they'll turn out they way I imagine them in my head. And, hopefully I won't find something else to distract me from finishing this project.

Stay tuned....

1 comment:

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