Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's been a busy week. The Hubby had the good fortune of choosing between two job offers (both in Texas, YAY!). We've worked out relocation, home financing, house hunting trip, and temporary housing (I think). A major stomach bug made its rounds through our place with a vengeance - at least it skipped over the baby. And lots of Ribbon Wand orders to be filled before the move.

With all this going on, what am I thinking about?


I love the lines that have an antiqued ticking feel. I love that the crochet edge is so simple. But, I especially love that they are so masculine.

I'm fighting the urge to add to my fabric stash before we move.

Who am I kidding, within a week this fabric will be folded and placed in a nice stack with the rest of the flannel fabric I intend to use someday.

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