Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thank Heaven for Grandmother's

It's late and I should be in bed.  Instead, I've been up working on a few wand orders, and thumbing through old family pictures. I can't seem to shut my mind off tonight.

In less than a week we'll be moving from Southern California back to Texas.

I'm excited, relieved, stressed, and a little sad.

I thought I'd share a picture my cousin unearthed from her dad's stack of old photo's.

This is my grandmother and her two oldest boys (I can't get over that darling little bow-tie).  I love this picture. She was such an endearing and kind woman.  And, like so many women of her era, extremely talented. I love seeing all her handiwork in this photo.  

At 93 years old (I was 17) she taught me to crochet. She passed on a gift that will bring me a lifetime of joy.  Somehow I was lucky enough to end up with her crochet hooks. I can't tell you the fond memories that flood into my mind when I pull them out to use on a project.

I wonder if I have time to sew a bow-tie before my machine gets packed away next week?

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